Are your loved ones at risk of falls, do they have ongoing health conditions that need constant monitoring or do they find themselves drifting into dangerous situations when you’re not around?

At Quoll Medical we believe you should feel confident that your loved one is safe at all times. The problem is many Australians are in life-threatening situations right now with no one near to help.

Don’t risk yourself or your loved ones facing life-threatening situations without help close by.

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Medical Mate features an automatic fall detector, panic alarm, 4G technology, two-way calling, geofencing tracking, waterproofing and fast wireless charging to keep your loved ones connected, with help only a push of a button away.

If a loved one has a fall or needs emergency assistance, the fall detector sends an automatic text message and GPS location to up to six phones even if they’re unconscious, notifying friends, family and even triple zero of their fall. If they drop the device, disabling or cancelling the call is as simple as pressing the SOS button.

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Always on hand

With a Medical Mate, your loved ones have the confidence to ride, drive or wander where they please, knowing that if help is needed, their mate is there to assist. Easily carried in the belt pouch or pocket or around your neck on a lanyard, it goes where you go and connects you to your family and friends wherever there is Telstra coverage.

Have your loved one feeling safe and confident in their own ability without needing someone to take care of them.

The Medical Mate has helped thousands of happy customers feel safe on their own. Buy one today and let the stress disappear.

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The Quoll Medical Mate is an innovation from a well-respected Australian company who have been supplying pharmacies and post offices for the last 35 years.

Become one of thousands of Australians already using the Medical Mate to great success. Feel confident and safe when going for a walk, regardless of your age or ability. At Quoll Medical, our goal is to deliver the best all in one safety device that will help get your life back. Buy the Medical Mate today and regain your ability to live and act freely.


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medical information pendant

The Quoll Medical Alert device is a life-saving item worn like jewellery that stores your vital medical data, making it accessible to medical professionals in emergencies. Ideal for allergy sufferers, seniors, transplant patients, children or those requiring multiple medications. Thousands of customers use our QUOLL Pendants, which are recognised by the Queensland Ambulance Service.

When it’s a medical emergency, every precious second counts.

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